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How to Prepare Your Home for Fall/Winter in Central Arkansas

Fall in central Arkansas has finally arrived and winter is just around the corner so we’ve reached out to local home maintenance experts in the Morrilton area to find out the best ways to prepare your property for fall and winter.

Winterize Lawn and Garden Equipment

Greenway Equipment Assistant Service Manager Blake Gatling says that every spring they see a lot of fuel and battery issues caused by mowers sitting idle over the winter months. Blake says, “Starting your mower periodically over the winter will help curb some of these common issues.”

Greenway Equipment is the Morrilton area’s premier John Deer dealer and service provider.

According to Blake, you can also invest in a quality fuel treatment and install a trickle charger to help keep your equipment maintained over the winter months. These are projects homeowners can do themselves or for the hands-off approach, Greenway offers many different fall and winter service specials. Some equipment service options even include free pick-up and delivery. Taking these precautions before you store your lawn equipment for the winter will ensure that when the grass is ready so are you! Call your Morrilton Greenway Equipment location at (501) 354-3527 for more information.

Pest Control

The transition to fall can mean you have to worry about new pests around your home. M&B Termite and Pest Control Operations Manager Jake Biggleston says that anytime the weather changes you should be on the lookout for pests on the move. There are three easy fall maintenance projects homeowners can DIY to help prevent fall and winter pests from targeting your home. 1) Keep leaves from piling up around your home as this will attract insects. 2) Remove any overhanging limbs that might be home to squirrels or raccoons that will be looking for a warm shelter when the weather turns. 3) Fill any holes around the foundation of your home with steel wool because mice can fit into a dime sized hole and they will also be looking for warm places to ride out the winter months.

M&B Termite and Pest Control is located in downtown Morrilton and serves all of Conway County and surrounding areas.

If you still find yourself with indoor pests during the fall or winter months, M&B Termite and Pest Control can provide a range of pest control services that deal with mice and other seasonal pests. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself pest free this holiday season they offer Christmas light hanging services! Call (501) 827-0044 for more information.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

It’s important to prepare your home’s heating system for cold weather. Burris Heat and Air Owner Steve Burris says that customers who are having issues with their heating unit may be able to fix it with something as simple as replacing your furnace filter. According to Steve, if your home has central heat and air, it is important to know where your filters are located and to routinely check them. Some types of filters will require changing more often than others. Just because a filter is labeled 3-months or 6-months doesn’t mean it can be left in place that long. Homeowners should check heat and air filters monthly. Steve says, “If it whistles at you, it’s time to replace it.”

Burris Heat and Air provides installation and service for heating and air systems in Morrilton and the surrounding area.

Both gas and electric heaters require routine maintenance to perform safely and efficiently. The best practice is to have your unit serviced at least once a year and when the seasons change is a great time to do that. If you’re not sure when the last time your unit was serviced call Burris Heat and Air at (501) 354-4887 to schedule your appointment today.

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